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Date of Production Name of Production Production Team
1990 - April My Fair Lady S. Henson, M. Dean, R. Henson, R. Underwood, I. Jupp
1960 - November Cabaret S. Brillinger, B. Johnston, C. Harman
1991 - April Man of La Mancha S. Henson, W. Moore-McQueen, D. Williams
1991 - November Fiddler on the Roof S. Pasta, A. Bailey, R. Henson, S. Henson, J. Fawcett
1992 - April Jesus Christ Superstar P. MacKenzie, D. Bambrough, R. Underwood, W. Steen-Mitchell
1992 - July A Chorus Line P. MacKenzie, J. Britt, H. Day, R. Underwood
1992 - November Kiss Me Kate L. Childs, B. Siegel, B. Lenton, H. Coupland, P. LeVert, B. Jansen-Jones
1993 - April South Pacific J. Jones, R. Henson, S. Henson, J. Fawcett, G. Neuman
1993 - July A Funny Thing Happened
On the Way to the Forum
G. Mastin, D. Kemp, D. Williams, P. Scherbey
1993 - November West Side Story H. McGimpsey, H. Day, M. Gormley, M. Abney
1994 - April The Sound of Music J. Jones, B. Siegel, D. Kemp, J. Fawcett, A. Sturrock
1994 - November Camelot S. Henson, B. Siegel, B. Hyslop, H. Coupland, I. Jupp
1995 - April Evita S. Henson, J. Britt, S. Hosie, M. Gormley, H. Day, J. Sanders
1995 - November The Mikado H. McGimpsey, D. Kemp, M. Gormley, K. Breiland
1996 - April Into the Woods J. Jones, R. Carr, D. Williams, A. Sturrock, L. van Alstine
1996 - November Brigadoon S. Henson, H. Day, R. Underwood, A. Cole
1997 - April My Fair Lady J. Jones, B. Mather, T. Mitchell, G. Newman
1997 - November Mame A. MacKenzie, L. Childs, B. Johnston, H. Coupland, M. Dewey
1998 - April Carousel D. Murton, R. Carr, D. Williams, D. Roland
1998 - November Legends of Broadway B. LeBlanc, H. Day, H. McGimpsey, J. Sanders
1999 - April Anything Goes P. MacKenzie, J. Roebuck, R. Underwood, S. Ryrie
1999 - November Anne of Green Gables R. Pugh, B. Lankin, S. Hosie, R. Underwood

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