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Date of Production Name of Production Production Team
1980 - April Fiddler on the Roof P. Draper, B. Campbell, C. Skinner, R. Cooper, H. Day, S. Black
1980 - November The Music Man G. Guest. H. Denike, H. Day
1981 - April Showboat S. Taylor, L. DeGuevara, R. Cooper, W. Steen-Thomas
1981 - November Flower Drum Song D. Murton, J. Treloar, R. Underwood, G. Neuman
1982 - April South Pacific B. Clarke, C. Skinner, J. Getgood, W. Steen-Thomas
1982 - November Dick Whittington and his Cat S. Veder, T. Burton, H. Denike, H. Day
1983 - April Sweet Charity J. Hutchinson, J. Treloar, R. Underwood, W. Steen-Thomas
1983 - November Oliver! O. Cobb, J. Humphries, J. Getgood, D. Allen
1984 - April The Sound of Music P. MacKenzie, D. Bambrough, H. Frost, D. Allen
1984 - November Annie Get Your Gun A. Purdy, R. Cooper, H. Day
1985 - May The Mikado H. McGimpsey, A. Cumming, R. Cooper, H. Day
1985 - November Guys and Dolls B. Lenton, H. Coupland, K. Breiland
1986 - May The King and I H. McGimpsey, D. Bambrough, R. Cooper, W. Steen-Thomas
1986 - November Iolanthe O. Cobb, R. Cooper, R. Simmonds
1987 - April Best Little Whorehouse in Texas R. Pugh, D. Kemp, K. Carbol, G. Neuman
1988 - April Zorba M. Fatin, D. Kemp, H. Denike, B. Salmond, J. Fawcett
1988 - October Hello Dolly! S. Brillinger, P. MacKenzie, N. Singer, J. Fawcett, R. Simmonds
1989 - April Oklahoma! S. Brillinger, R. Pugh, M. Wright, R. Underwood, H. Day
1989 - November The Wizard of Oz M. Ericksen, A. Cobb, H. Coupland, W. Steen-Mitchell

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