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Date of Production Name of Production Production Team
1970 - May Carousel A. Purdy, T. Jones
1970 - November South Pacific W. Burgess, H. Denike, G. Glew
1971 - April Music Man T. Nicholson, H. Denike, G. Lefever
1971 - November The Sound of Music A. Purdy, T. Jones, K. Senior, B. Eversfield
1972 - April The Pajama Game A. Senior, H. Elsdon, J. Elsdon, H. Denike
1972 - November Oliver! M. Stephen, H. Denike, G. Glew, J. Elsdon, G. Lefever
1973 - March Merry Widow G. Glew, T. Gaskell, R. Webster, S. Black
1973 - November Guys & Dolls G. Glew, T. Gaskell, H. Denike, A. Gibson
1974 - April Mame J. Woodland, J. Bray, M. Stephan, H. Denike, G. Lefever
1974 - November Man of La Mancha P. MacKenzie, A. Purdy, T. Jones, J. Elsdon
1975 - April Camelot P. Gaskell, G. Peyton, H. Denike, R. Simmonds
1975 - November Oklahoma! M. Duff, A. Purdy, T. Jones
1976 - April Can-Can P. MacKenzie, A. Budd, R. Cooper, B. Eversfield
1976 - November The Stingiest Man in Town M. Duff, C. Skinner, T. Jones, S. Black
1977 - April Kiss Me Kate S. McCandless, C. Skinner, R. Cooper, R. Simmonds
1977 - November Die FLedermaus B. Johnson, C. Clarke, R. Cooper, J. Elsdon, M. Eastick
1978 - April My Fair Lady A. Buie, G. Peyton, R. Cooper, G. Lefever, H. Day
1978 - November The Wizard of Oz A. Cobb, C. Skinner, H. Denike, K. Krich
1979 - April Jesus Christ Superstar P. MacKenzie, D. Bambrough, C. Donison, G. Taylor, G. Lefever, H. Day
1979 - November Brigadoon P. Taylor, C. Clarke, H. Denike, W. Steen-Thomas

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