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Date of Production Name of Production Production Team
1950 - March Pirates of Penzance V. Mills, G. Bower
1951 - February Yeomen of the Guard V. Mills, H. Bigsby
1951 - November H.M.S. Pinafore V. Mills, H. Bigsby
1952 - May The Red Mill M. Francis, H. Bigsby, W. Shaw
1952 - November The Mikado V. Mills, M. Knudsen
1953 - April The Merry Widow V. Mills, M. Knudsen
1954 - April The Gondoliers M. Allen, M. Knudsen
1954 - November Merrie England M. Francis, C. Ozard, W. Shaw
1955 - November Trial by Jury M. Allen, M. Knudsen
1956 - April Pirates of Penzance J. Yeoman, A. Budd
1956 - November All Aboard T. Lockhart
1957 - April The Chocolate Soldier A. Budd, J. Yeoman
1958 - May Yeoman of the Guard A. Johnson, M. Allen, F. Brawn
1958 - Fall The Bohemian Girl (Radio) H. Denike, W. Cowndon
1959 - April Die Fledermaus A. Johnson, S. Hoban
1959 - Fall Oklahoma! (Radio) H. Denike, W. Cowndon

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