To celebrate Canada’s 150 Anniversary, VOS will open the Season in November 2017 with a production of Canada's longest-running musical, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES: THE MUSICAL. With book by Donald Harron, music by Norman Campbell, and lovingly adapted from the 1908 novel by Canadian author L.M. Montgomery, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES: THE MUSICAL is a timeless piece of Canadiana. The story is filled with unforgettable characters and brings the comical adventures of spunky red-headed orphan Anne Shirley to life as she wins over her new family and the rest of Prince Edward Island with her spirit and imagination in this heartwarming story about love, family, and home.


Director/Choreographer:  Tara Britt

Music Director:  Brad L’Écuyer

Mary-Lynne Britt, Darren Rathgaber

Stage Manager:  Rob McDonald

Assistant Stage Manager:  Suzanne Dane

Set Design:  Guy Chester

Costume Design:  
Lal O'Connor, Deb Cope

Lighting Design:  Adam Wilkinson

Hair Design:
Lal O'Connor, Megan Stretch

Effie Mayer, Gillian Mayer
and Sandi Norton

Set Decor:  Dinda Ribeiro

Makeup:  Margaret Bowes



Anne Shirley:  Molly Lydon

Marilla Cuthbert:  Jo Barnes

Matthew Cuthbert:  Danny Costain

Gilbert Blythe:  Rowan Wolfe

Mrs. Rachel Lynde:  Eva Bild

Diana Barry:  Angelina Robertson

Josie Pye:  Mariah McDonald

Miss Stacey/Mrs. Blewett:  
Francesca Bitonti

Mrs. MacPherson:  Ciara Gallagher

Mrs. Barry:  Sarah Plank

Mrs. Sloane:  Alison Bendall

Mrs. Pye:  Stephanie Geehan

Station Master:  Craig Wilson

The Minister:  George Morfitt

Earl:  Mark Riishede

Cecil:  Neil Croswell

Mrs. Spencer:  Katie Kerr

Prissy Andrews:  Veronique Beaudet

Ruby Gillis:  Sophie McGrath

Tillie Boulte:  Abbey Bidwell

Gertie Pye:  Tori Farkas

Charlie Sloane:  Nate Jackson

Moody MacPherson:  Jordan McDonald

Gerry Boute:  Daniel Yaxley

Tommy Sloane:  Nathan Corpus

Malcom Andrews:  Alexei Warwick

Mr. Phillips:  Caden Churchill

Lucilla:  Helena Descoteau

Minnie May:  Abigail Corpus

Jane Andrews:  Demi Koutougos

Lizzie Wright:  Hannah Ockenden

Sophie Sloane:  Alita Powell

Julia Bell:  Mauri Momose

Mattie Andrews:  Ellie Koutougos

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